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Asbestos removal in Bath & Wiltshire

JONES DEMOLITION can safely remove any non-licensed asbestos and have it properly disposed of, taking the up most care and following strict health and safety procedures. We are NFDC registered and UKATA trained and qualified.


Site Clearance in Bath & Wiltshire

With our extensive fleet of well-maintained excavators and plant equipment we can completely clear any site. From initial clearance of excess shrubbery, plants or trees to the demolition of structures that require removal.


Mine Shaft Capping in Bath & Wiltshire

Mine Caps are typically used to prevent access to old, abandoned mines. People, especially the young, like to explore their surroundings but may not fully understand the dangers inherent within, and surrounding, a mine.

Concrete continues to be the preferred method for capping vertical shafts. Considerations can be made in the design to allow for an entrance to the mine, a steel door for people, a slot for bats, a hole for airflow. The slabs thickness can vary from as little as 6 inches to several feet.1/4 inch or thicker steel-plating is also used, on both horizontal and vertical shafts.

These allow for easier customisation than concrete, cutting access holes in steel is far easier than building the concrete forms necessary for the same result. This type of cap is used where easy access is a necessity.


Dismantling in Bath & Wiltshire

Dismantling is a term used to describe the polar opposite of construction. Using this method, the structure or sections of a structure are stripped down in the reverse order of which it was built.

Dismantling is often used so a structure can be rebuilt elsewhere, however in some cases this is done because it is the safest option.

A combination of dismantling and demolition is often beneficial as it permits the recovery of assets, enabling assets to be recycled, re-used or sold on.

We can provide a full demolition or dismantling service, for any project from small residential areas, industrial factories, educational facilities, bridges, city centre properties and petrochemical sites both in the public and private sectors.


Heavy Plant Hire & Demolition in Bath & Wiltshire

With our fully qualified staff and our large excavators we can make short work of even the largest of structures.


Civil Engineering

Our groundworks division covers a wide spectrum of project work, from the simplest domestic sites to large complex civil works. Here we are often the main contractor, completing site clearance to bulk earthworks end infrastructure services and hard landscaping.

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